For its family of ID technology publications (ContactlessNews, CR80News, SecureIDNews, RFIDNews, and Regarding ID Magazine), AVISIAN Publishing's editorial staff produces highly-regarded articles under copyright protection. Companies and organizations can obtain usage or reprint rights from AVISIAN based on the options presented in the following document. All other usage of AVISIAN-owned content is prohibited.

Advertiser discounts:
Organizations that are actively advertising with one or more AVISIAN Publications receive a 50% discount off the published rate for Options 1, 2, and 3; $300 off any order from Option 4; and $100 per box off Option 5.

Order information:
For more information on Reprint Options or to place an order, please contact AVISIAN Publishing’s design department at [email protected] or call Chris Corum at 850-391-2273.

Option 1: Permanent link to article on an AVISIAN publication site ($500)
Original content developed by AVISIAN Publishing for its ID technology publications and sites is freely-available for 60-days following the articles publication.   After 60 days, the article is secured such that only “Library Subscribers” who have purchased access privileges can view the article.   Companies wishing to link to the article from their web site or otherwise direct web visitors to the article can purchase this Reprint Option thereby ensuring that the article is always freely available at a permanent URL.

Option 2: PDF file for use on requestor's site ($800)
Companies wishing to post an article developed by AVISIAN Publishing on their own web site or distribute the article electronically may purchase this Reprint Option.   A PDF file of the article that is ideal for electronic use will be provided with no restrictions on use other than that it may not be altered and may not be reprinted.   The PDF file is not suitable for commercial printing.

Option 3: Electronic artwork suitable for commercial printing ($1500)
A company wishing to use its own commercial printing resources can purchase this Reprint Option and receive a high resolution PDF of the article that is formatted for use by a commercial printer. This Reprint Option entitles the company to an unlimited number of print runs and quantities.

Option 4: Printed copies available from AVISIAN Publishing (see chart)
A company that prefers to have a fixed quantity of finished, professionally printed pieces arrive ready to use can opt to have AVISIAN Publishing handle the entire job via one of our high-quality commercial printing partners. The article will be printed in full-color on 8.5x11 inch paper on your choice from one of four stock choices (80# Matte Cover, 70# Matte Text, 100# Gloss Text, 100# Gloss Cover).   Typical turnaround time is 15 working days from the date payment is received until the finished materials ship from printing site.

Quantity 1-Page 2-Page 2-SS* 3-Page 4-Page
500 $1793 $2014 $2085 $2306 $2527
800 $1858 $2105 $2215 2462 2709
2500 $2053 $2378 $2605 $2930 $3255
5000 $2378 $2833 $3255 $3710 $4165
7500 $2703 $3288 $3905 $4490 $5075
10,000 $3208 $3743 $4555 $5270 $5985

*2-SS = Two page reprint printed Single Sided on separate sheets of paper.
**Prices are subject to chage and do not include shipping costs.

Option 5:   Printed copies of Regarding ID Magazine (re:ID) ($400/box)
When available, or when ordered prior to printing of the magazine, a company may purchase full copies of the re:ID issue containing their article for distribution and use as they see fit.   Magazines are sold by the box with each box containing between 75 and 80 copies of the issue. Shipping charges will be calculated at the time of order with Ground Shipping typically costing $30 per box to locations in the U.S.   Call or email to inquire if past issues are still available or to pre-order for an article currently in development.