The AVISIAN editorial department encourages companies and organizations to submit their press releases and news items. Each will be reviewed and considered for publication on one of the company's sites. Additionally, select items will be pursued for article development by a member of editorial team.

Two options are available. (1) At no charge, submissions can be sent to [email protected] All releases received will be considered. (2) A fee-based service called PriorityOne is available to guarantee expedited consideration.

Advertiser discounts:
All current advertisers recieve PriorityOne service at no cost.

Order information:
For more information on Reprint Options or to place an order, please contact AVISIAN Publishing at [email protected] or call Chris Corum at 850-391-2273.


PriorityOne is a guaranteed review process for industry news and press releases. In an effort to best serve visitors and subscribers, AVISIAN's editorial team developed PriorityOne to manage the thousands of press releases received annually.

All releases received by the editorial department will continue to be considered at no cost to the submitting organization. However given the sheer volume of news generated in the rapidly advancing identity and security markets, the editorial team cannot guarantee immediate review. PriorityOne is designed to help media-conscious organizations ensure their news is diseminated in a timely manner.

PriorityOne service includes:
• Guaranteed review of submitted releases within one business day (24 hours)
• Priority consideration for posting on one or more of the AVISIAN sites
• Enhanced opportunity for inclusion in one or more of the weekly eDigest mailings

PriorityOne service does not quarantee placement of a news item or release. The editorial team will continue to approve only those releases deemed appropriate and of substantial value to readers. The service simply guarantees that your release will considered in an expedited manner and given preference over non-PriorityOne submissions.

PriorityOne membership options:
• Per release option: $300 per posted release
• Annual membership package: $500 per year for unlimited release consideration

Current advertisers recieve PriorityOne service at no cost as thanks for supporting AVISIAN's efforts to bring high quality insight to the global community of ID technology professionals free of subscription fees.

To become a PriorityOne member, contact Chris Corum ([email protected]; 850-391-2273)