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  Contactless News CR80News RFIDNews SecureID News
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  NFCNews ThirdFactor DigitalIDNews IDNoticias
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In our security conscious world, governments and corporations spend billions of dollars annually to protect individuals, assets, and data. SecureIDNews is the clearinghouse for info and news on the wide array of ID and authentication technologies. Our coverage of world-changing programs such as electronic passports, travel credentials, military IDs, national ID cards, and driver licenses attract government decision makers from around the globe. Our focus on the merging of physical and logical security has built a loyal following from corporations both large and small.

North America 60%
Asia/Oceania 10%
Europe 24%
Africa 4%
South America 4%
C-level Management 27%
Executive Management 32%
Management 29%
Sales/Bus Devolpment 10%
Other 2%

One of the hottest growth areas in personal identification technology is contactless or radio frequency identification. 13.56 MHz contactless technologies that go by such names as ISO 14443, ISO 15693, Mifare®, iCLASS™, and FeliCA™ are the fastest growing sector of the smart card market. It is the technology of choice in many payment, secure document, and transit applications. ContactlessNews is the only publication focused exclusively on the worldwide contactless markets.

North America 66%
Asia/Oceania 10%
Europe 18%
Africa 4%
South America 2%
C-level Management 29%
Executive Management 31%
Management 28%
Sales/Bus Devolpment 10%
Other 2%

CR80News is the single source for up-to-the-minute news and insightful reporting on the technologies, products, and players in the campus ID card market. We cover both the well-established and the cutting-edge use of magnetic stripe, barcode, proximity, smart card, and biometric technologies in closed system ID projects. Though higher education is the core target of the publication, K-12 (primary and secondary education) campuses and corporate campuses are heavily represented in both the content and audience.

North America 72%
Asia/Oceania 9%
Europe 12%
Africa 5%
South America 2%
C-level Management 21%
Executive Management 24%
Management 42%
Sales/Bus Devolpment 10%
Other 3%

Very few technologies possess the growth potential of radio frequency identification (RFID). Sales projections are made in billions of units rather than millions and each and every company that manufacturers, distributes, or sells a product will eventually be impacted. RFIDNews has quickly established itself as a thought leader in the important, sometimes controversial, use of RFID for logistics, inventory management, and other emerging applications. The web portal is a leading destination site for buyers and decision makers from the spectrum of RFID-impacted industries.

North America 75%
Asia/Oceania 8%
Europe 11%
Africa 4%
South America 2%
C-level Management 22%
Executive Management 24%
Management 43%
Sales/Bus Devolpment 9%
Other 2%

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