The AVISIAN editorial team relies on both staff writers and paid freelancers to produce content for our suite of publications. Additionally, we utilize the services of a worldwide network of paid bloggers to produce daily content on a series of identity-related topics.

Contact us for more information:
If you are interested in working for AVISIAN Publishing as a contributing author or blogger, please contact Executive Editor Chris Corum at [email protected].

Freelancing opportunities

If you are a wirter with knowlege of topics related to identity management, AVISIAN Publishing may have need of your services. Our editorial team is seeking freelance journalists to develop articles on a range of topics – from smartcards to RFID, and biometrics to card issuance. AVISIAN's publications are read by a worldwide audience and the coverage of issues, companies, and projects reflects this global nature. Thus, freelancers can be based anywhere.

Blogging opportunities:

At each of our online publication sites, content is updated daily in a blog-style format. These short (typically 50 word) posts, are created by paid bloggers based on content they deem worthy of coverage. Our editorial staff, approves submitted posts and the writer is paid at the agreed upon rate. Currently we are seeking bloggers to focus on geographic regions (e.g. Europe, Asia, South America, Africa) as well as dedicated topics (e.g. biometrics, electronic passports, online authentication).