AVISIAN helps organizations bring advanced ID technology products and projects to market. The AVISIAN team leverages a rare combination of real-world implementation experience, vast industry knowledge, and strategic business development skills to position a client’s product offering for market acceptance and profitability ... Or position a project implementation for success.

AVISIAN Consulting Services are offered in three principal forms, Analysis, Strategy and Business Development.



AVISIAN has been called upon to provide a range of analysis for a diverse client based including financial services, emerging and traditional technologies, federal government and defense, and more. The diverse background of AVISIAN's principals provides clients with a broad range of critiacl analysis and reporting.

Vision. It's what makes AVISIAN a tremendous asset for clients. The principals at AVISIAN are able to bring proven experience and market awareness together to craft winning market and product strategies. Whether it is a reality check for a sales strategy or a complete retooling of a marketing plan that hasn't found its mark, AVISIAN Consulting brings a valuable component to strategic planning - confidence.

Business Development
AVISIAN Consulting has provided a variety of business development services including business plan development, venture financing support, strategic partner identification, and relationship development. AVISIAN's principals
have more than a decade of experience in facilitating relationships and connecting clients with valuable partners in the ID technology space.

Consulting Contact
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Chris Corum
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