The sponsors who make our electronic publications and print publications possible receive a tremendous amount of exposure from a very large percentage of their prospective markets. Put in perspective, each week AVISIAN's ID technology websites welcome more visitors than all of the major ID technology-related conferences attendance figures combined!

We encourage you to take advantage of the best value in the ID technology market and put our publications to work for your company.

Advertising information:
AVISIAN has a team of advertising specialists distributed geographically to best serve you. Please contact our advertising department to discuss how we can help meet your corporate objectives ([email protected]; 850-391-2273).

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2013 Media Kit with Editorial Calendar  (PDF)

Article Category Sponsorship

AVISIAN’s Article Category sponsorship provides a targeted, cost-effective means to reach decision makers interested in your specific ID and security products. Each of our thirteen sites offers a customized set of Article Categories that group content into areas most relevant to readers.

An exclusive large-format banner called a Leaderboard (720x90 pixels) appears atop the Article Category’s main page as well as on all subsequent pages accessed from within the Category. Additionally the Leaderboard also appears atop tagged articles even when they are accessed directly from the site’s main feed or from Google or other sources.

You can be sure that your ad is being seen by people interested in your products because they have self-selected to access top-quality news and articles on the specific topic.

If you would like to discuss sponsorship of an existing category or explore the potential of creating a new category focused on your specific offerings, contact AVISIAN Publisher Chris Corum or an AVISIAN advertising representative via phone or email (850-391-2273; [email protected]).