The AVISIAN team includes a group of identity technology experts working alongside seasoned journalists, web and graphics professionals, and event coordinators. Together, they create a unique combination -- coupling the
technology insight of a leading consultancy with the communication
capabilities of a high-end publishing and events firm.

Consulting … Founder Chris Corum has worked on card technology and alternative payment projects for more than fifteen years. He assisted in the implementation of multi-function programs at more than 100 corporate sites, higher education campuses, and entertainment venues. Prior to founding AVISIAN in 1999, he led the marketing efforts for a leading smart card integrator. As AVISIAN Consulting, he leads a team that numerous Fortune 500 companies and leading financial institutions have looked to for guidance in the development of advanced identity solutions.

Publishing ... In 2000, AVISIAN launched its first publication as a vehicle to promote the company's consulting efforts. This rapid success of this first electronic magazine, CR80News, led to the establishment of AVISIAN Publishing and the launch of ContactlessNews and SecureIDNews in successive years. The acquisition of two RFID publications in 2004 and 2005 brought a fourth title, RFIDNews, to the suite of ID technology publications. Also in 2005, the company's first print magazine was launched. Regarding ID (re:ID) quickly emerged as a global leader with rapid adoption and high praise from both subscribers and advertisers.

Events ... The newest component of the company's offering is AVISIAN Events. With unmatched reach into the ID community -- the key topics, companies, and players -- AVISIAN Events is founded on a tradition of market education. Both physical and virtual educational events promote important discussion and build thought leadership in key areas such as government credentialing, identity management, multi-factor authentication, and more.